If you are experiecing

Unmanagable Debts

You're not alone

We are pleased to introduce Ideal Solution and Service
One of the professional debts restructuring agency in Malaysia

Our specialized for

Personal & Company

Debts Restructuring

the highly trained staff of ideal solution and service
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Replacing your existing

Home Loan in lower

Interest Rate

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Ideal Solution Advisor & Service

We are a services company that provide debt restructuring on your current loans and reduce your monthly repayment burden

Our financial specialist to provide you a comprehensive services to identify your existing financial problem and provide you the best solution

We not just providing our expertise to solve your financial issue but we also provide you the information which is more suitable for you

Our Services

  • Personal Loans

    Offer to anyone who need fash cash for temporary purpose
    for submit to bank or credit finance company

  • Business Loans

    To imporove your business cashflow, expending your existing business capital, stock purchase etc

  • Housing Loans

    To replacing your existing home loan with a new home loan under different term and condition

  • Others Services

    Sell & rent properties, appointing lawyer and arrange banker

Debts Restructuring

We help you to reduce your existing loan interest rate with longer repayment scheme, thus will reduce your commitment burden

Financial Advisor

We help you to settle your existing loan with financial institution, bank, creditor or vendor

Our Specialized